The GE Innovation Showcase at ADU

ADU’s owner Tom Oliff (right) poses with Joan Watkins, principal of Watkins Cabinet Company, Inc., in Barnesville, Maryland, and her husband, Gil House.

Guests mingle by the buffet.

November 16, 2012—Last night’s GE Innovation Showcase at Appliance Distributors Unlimited (ADU) in Baltimore shone a spotlight on a collection of GE products, old and new. Home & Design stopped by to see what was on offer and discovered a showroom chock full of GE appliances, along with a chef serving up hors d’oeuvres—all prepared using the appliances visitors were there to see. Below is a quick rundown of GE’s highlights:

The Advantium oven, which last night made a perfect filet mignon in record time, is a combination speed oven, convection oven and microwave.

The Advantium speed oven.

The GE Café line of appliances, modeled after their commercial-grade cousins, boasted a sleek, modern look and a more affordable price point, while the new, 30-inch Monogram refrigerator below offered a  space-saving profile.

The 30-inch built-in Monogram fridge.

The new French-door refrigerator with an integrated icemaker on the door was also on display, as was the Induction Cooktop, which offers an alternative to traditional cooking and heating methods.

The induction cooktop.


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