Waterworks’ Latest Collection

The well-known bath fixtures company combines style and efficiency at an affordable price point

The most contemporary fixture in Waterworks Studio’s collection is Flyte.

Last week, Barbara Sallick, Waterworks’ co-founder and senior vice president of design, came to DC and offered Home & Design a sneak peek at the latest new products in the Cady’s Alley showroom. We never pass up an opportunity to browse the company’s collections of high-end bath fixtures and accessories that are typically customized by designers for installation in the region’s most opulent bathroom retreats.

The Roadster fixture

But Sallick was in town to promote Waterworks Studio, a new line of ready-made products that have a lower price point but just as much style as the company’s custom collections. “We’ve created an assortment of carefully edited, curated fittings, surfaces, textiles and accessories,” Sallick said. “The idea was to emphasize time efficiency, classic and beautiful designs, engineering and quality, and fair prices.”

The transitionally styled Transit fixture

To create Waterworks Studio’s merchandise, Sallick and her team simply tweaked the company’s already existing and highly successful portfolio. “We chose products for which we could use a single part in multiple ways, to save on the manufacturing end,” Sallick explained. There are four Waterworks Studio collections, ranging in style from traditional to transitional to modern and they are all ready to purchase on the spot with a lead time of days—instead of months, as is typical for custom Waterworks fixtures.

The traditional Highgate fixture.

Sallick pointed out that many homeowners in the midst of a building or remodeling project feel that the fewer decisions they have to make, the better. “It’s a time saver,” she commented. “We’ve done the design process for you. You have less to choose from but what you do have is still classic, timeless and refined.” —Julie Sanders, Senior Editor, HOME & DESIGN Magazine


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