Design Insight Guest Blog Series: the Season’s Best Accessories

Often at a cocktail party, guests will talk to me about the interior design of their home—frequently lamenting its current state.  The questions and comments that I get the most center on accessorizing. I always hear things like, “I have everything in place but it just doesn’t look right…something’s missing.”

Finding the right accessories is all in the design basics: It’s about balance, proportion, color, and then adding touches of texture here and there. Below are some tips on how to accessorize your home—with a nod towards the crisp autumn days we’re enjoying right about now.

Mirror Image:

Every room needs at least one mirror—for sparkle and to make the space look bigger.  My favorite style of mirror is a sunburst style mirror. Very dynamic, it will add a stylish element to your home.

A room I designed for the Washington Design Center's Design House, in which I used a large sunburst mirror as a focal point.

In years past the only sunburst mirrors out there were beyond most people’s budgets, but now there are many to choose from at reasonable prices.  One of my favorites is this one below:

A mirror by Suzanne Kasler for Ballard Designs.

This mirror is about as dynamic as you can get.  Hang it above a chest or console table and add some of the accessories below, which reflect the fall season, to finish the look.  Here are some of my favorite accessories this season.

An interesting accessory from Restoration Hardware.

A pair of cast iron Han Horses, also from Restoration Hardware.

Multi-colored pumpkins from Pottery Barn.

Amber Luster Glass Vases with Dots from Pier One.

In addition to mirrors, artwork can also serve as a focal point in a room. Try the abstract painting paired with the pillow below (both from Crate and Barrel) to pick up the vibrant, fall palette:

Happy Fall!!

—Margery Wedderburn

Margery Wedderburn Interiors, LLC

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