Design Insight Guest Blog Series: The Finishing Touches

If you have ever been curious about creating a beautiful room with a cohesive color palette here are some quick and easy steps to follow:

1.  Floor plan, floor plan, floor plan!  This is the roadmap for the rest of your design. Once you understand the floor plan and the scale of the room you can select furniture that is well suited for the space.

2.  Select permanent finishes – tile, wood flooring or carpeting – that stand the test of time.  These are the finishes that you will live with for some time so don’t select anything that is overly trendy.

3.  Choose a rug that fits your palette.  If you are considering a patterned area rug make sure your selection works with the permanent finishes that you have chosen.

4.  Furniture and Fixtures – start searching for your furniture and fixtures with a defined shopping list to guide you.  Collect pages from your favorite design magazines with pictures of rooms that you love.

5.  Look for fabrics that compliment the furniture pieces you chose and look for your soft-goods — draperies and pillows.  As you are shopping for these fabrics use samples of your permanent finishes and your rug colors as a guide.  Size usually makes it impractical to drag an area rug with you as you shop but don’t rely on photos alone because they never produce accurate color.  A good tip is to match paint chips to the colors in the rug and staple them onto the photo for reference.

6.  Once you’ve decided on your design and finishes now you can consider your color scheme.  Wall paper, faux finishes or paint – there is a limitless palette of paint colors out there.  Take all of your finishes with you and find a hue that compliments what you’ve selected, but doesn’t take center stage.  If you are hesitant to go bold throughout the entire house, pick a room and take a leap of faith!  Ask for a low-VOC or no VOC paint.  These paints have had the toxic chemicals that are used as drying agent removed or reduced and as a result they are much healthier for your home.  Paint is the least expensive change you can make to your room however it can provide the perfect finishing touch.

Good luck!

– Shanon Munn
Principal, Ambi Design Studio

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